Criminal Defence

FREE 24/7 Police Station representation

 Magistrates’ / Crown Court representation (Legal Aid)

Our firm has a well-established reputation for criminal defence work. Our lawyers have represented clients in matters ranging from motor offences to serious cases such as serious violent or sexual offences, serious fraud, murder and terrorism. We offer diligent, dedicated and sensitive representation to all our clients. We have a very good success rate in the cases we have taken on.

This firm holds a Criminal Defence Service Contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide publicly funded Criminal work. This means that should your case merit public funding, we will be able to represent you free of charge under a legal aid Representation Order.

Even if your case does not merit public funding, we can still represent you in your case at reasonable fixed fee.

We undertake works at:

  • Police Station
  • Magistrates’ Court
  • Crown Court
  • Supreme Court

We have prided ourselves on bringing an honest and quality service to our clients. Having dealt with thousands of clients, our staff is highly skilled and boasts a wealth of experience.

  • Serious fraud
  • Serious violent offence
  • Extradition
  • Drink driving/ Motoring offences
  • International war crimes
  • Terrorism


Notable Cases:


R v L
Defended L in the 1st prosecution of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) related offences in the UK. Case is also the first prosecution under section 12 of Terrorism Act 2000. Client was acquitted following a successful interlocutory appeal to the Court of Appeal.
L is a guideline Court of Appeal judgement on the timing of Attorney General’s consents to prosecute.


R v Hall
Successfully represented in the High Court an extradition appeal of US national wanted under European Arrest Warrant for criminal offence committed while on holiday in Germany.

R v Moodlamootoo
Extradition to France

R v S
Successfully represented in Westminster Magistrates Court of a German citizen wanted under a European Arrest Warrant for people trafficking.

Murder & Serious offences

R v Sivalingam
Represented at the Central Criminal Court on conspiracy to Murder and attempted murder

R v Suman & Others
Represented at the Central Criminal Court on Murder.

R v P
Successfully represented at Southwark Crown Court; Acquitted following Abuse of process argument.

R v Vinu
Representation at Woolwich Crown Court – Rape

R v N
Following successful appeal, the Court of Appeal, Criminal Division, quashed the convictions of defendants, of Tamil extraction, in connection with the murder of the deceased where fresh evidence showed that the motive of a key prosecution witness in giving evidence against the defendants was to avoid prosecution in an unrelated fraud case.

Organised Crime

R v K
Successfully represented at Snaresbrook Crown Court - Conspiracy to import into the UK multi-millions pounds worth of cocaine, from Jamaica (largest importation of cocaine at the time of trial). Acquitted on an abuse of process arguments.

R v Parchment & Others
Successfully represented at Central Criminal Court - Murder - South London “gang-land” shooting: Operation Trident. 

Financial Crime

R v Khan
Southwark Crown Court – Represented in a millions of pound fraud, where client, a Bank manager, was charged with abuse of position and money laundering. Acquitted on Money laundering.

R v Jeyaseelan
Guildford Crown Court - Fraud